Hello, I’m Jason. Welcome to the Global Coupon Blog.

The title says it all – welcome to the Global Coupon Blog! Welcome to Global Coupon! You may not be entirely sure what it is yet, but maybe you’ve come here to find out more. Maybe you’ve come because you’re simply looking for another coupon site, deal site, or because you consider yourself an early adopter and want to learn more.

My name is Jason Hari, and I’m the founder of Global Coupon. My goal, when I first came up with this idea, was to drastically change the way the world does business. It’s a big goal, but I didn’t want to make just another coupon site or deal site; in fact, I wanted to fix the problems that sites like those cause for both the businesses and the consumers who use them. Who wants to buy deals on things they never would have bought in the first place – is it even really a deal, then? What business wants to lose 75% of their revenue just to get people in the door? It’s easy to get fifty cents off margarine, but what about when you need an insurance quote? Or when your business is looking for a new supplier? What then? Continue reading