The Journey to Purchase

Marketing has traditionally been a complicated approach to a reasonably simple problem – get more customers. It’s not unnecessarily complicated, though. Enticing new customers, or securing the loyalty of existing ones, is an ever evolving challenge that seeks to connect with an increasingly sophisticated target consumer.

Whether a company is selling bubble bath, auto insurance or steel fabrication services, they are at some level aiming to increase their market share, which means they’re trying to become more prominent in the purchase decision process of whoever their consumer might be. Mothers, teenagers, yuppies, purchasing managers – all go through the same basic process. As time goes by, our media touch-points proliferate, and our potential information sources multiply exponentially, and it’s no longer a question of just having the most eye-catching advertisements.

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CMA Report Shows the Importance of New Marketing

Earlier this month, the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) announced findings from its new report, Marketing’s Influence in Canada: In and evolving digital economy. The results are telling. In 2011, Canadian businesses spent $29 billion on marketing-related activities. The report also states marketing-related employment at 1.1 million jobs, accounting for 6.3% of total employment in Canada. However, it also reinforces what we already know – that the move to the digital economy is going to be a main driver of growth for marketing and for Canadian businesses in general.

For instance, the CMA reports that businesses spent $14.4 billion on advertising in 2011, with Internet ad spend accounting for 18%. However, the forecast Canadian businesses will spend $17.3 billion in 2016, with Internet ad spend contributing 26% at that time.

With this in mind, there is no question that harnessing proven technologies and new digital tools, such as those offered by our platform, will be key for successful businesses now and in the future. We have developed a purpose-built community for consumers, businesses and affiliates that utilizes the latest digital technologies, marketing and advertising tools and techniques to provide owners, sales, marketing and purchasers to extend quickly and cost-effectively extend brand reach, increase sales, lower costs and grow profits.

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Understanding Saving

I think that, in general, most people agree that saving money is a good thing. But I know that I personally fall into the trap of leaving small or ‘awkward’ savings on the table, and I bet I’m not alone.Continue Reading

Global Coupon Helps Extend Global Reach and Sales Conversion For Mainstream Brands

Global Digital Marketing Super Platform to Make it Easier for Blue Chip Brands to Connect with Customers, Suppliers and End-Consumers Worldwide

VANCOUVER, CANADA – October 11, 2012 – Global Coupon Inc., a revolutionary digital brand offers and brand advertising platform, today announced the availability of its super platform that enables mainstream brands to cost-effectively and easily connect with customers, suppliers and end-consumers through its purpose-built online community.

The successful phase one launch at ad:tech London in September 2012 further validated the value and demand of the Global Coupon platform’s business generation system for businesses and agencies to extend brand reach and drive sales conversions from domestic to global markets. Through the use of its platform-wide, real-time ad auction environment, inbound and outbound marketing venues, and biddable media options, Global Coupon helps global brands to target specific local to international markets by creating and controlling their brand advertising and brand offer strategies to desired audiences. Continue reading


The Power of Emotional Branding

As we’ve built the Global Coupon platform, our focus has always been on brands rather than the specific products, services or professional services they offer. We wanted to provide a venue for these brands to offer their full offer, their full messaging, to their customers.

Emotional branding has become the status quo over the past decade or so, as we’ve moved past the focus on tangible features and benefits to more holistic, intangible offerings of lifestyle promises. This is true whether you’re appealing to the values your consumer holds (ie. eco-consciousness, family-valued, artisan etc.), or the lifestyle they can only aspire to (ie. jet-setting or adventurous). Either way, you’re offering your brand as much as whatever finite thing you sell. Continue reading

Global Coupon at ad:tech London!

Thank-you to everyone who came out to see us! We had a great time introducing people to Global Coupon.



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