Global Coupon To Begin Student Empowerment Programs And Post Secondary Scholarships In Major Global Cities

Global Digital Marketing Super Platform to Empower a New Generation of Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide

VANCOUVER, CANADA – November 27, 2012 – Global Coupon Inc., a revolutionary digital brand offers and brand advertising platform, today announced the kick off of the Global Coupon Student Affiliate Program (GCSAP), a worldwide student empowerment and scholarship program designed to create the next generation of young, socially-minded entrepreneurs in the global digital age. Continue reading

What's your marketing strategy?

Towards An Effective Digital Marketplace

The travel refrain “Are we there yet?” simply doesn’t apply, in the digital marketplace – things coming up, down the road, are already here faster than you can type r we thr yet? and hit “Send.” Can you keep up? HowContinue Reading

CSR for profit

Smart Marketing: Profit from CSR

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how do you market and profit from it? Last weeks’ Smart Marketing blog post talked about how you can stretch your online marketing dollar to maximize ROI. This week’s post is about how youContinue Reading

Celebrating Your Win

Inbound Marketing Tips for Online Business Wins

You need to leverage inbound marketing online, if you expect to achieve results. Effective online inbound marketing has a deceptively simple formula: Targeted Promotion + Relevant Content = Long Term Results How does this apply specifically to online marketing? 1. IdentifyContinue Reading

Big online marketing results for $100

Smart Marketing: Maximize ROI on a $100 monthly online marketing budget

How do you make your online marketing budget count? You may have read last week’s Smart Marketing blog post about how consumers are using the Internet more these days to browse and buy. Businesses are catching on, and if you haven’t already,Continue Reading

Build your brand online

Building Your Brand Online

  In today’s digital world, having an online brand presence is critical to business success. How do you ensure your online brand presence meets the standards of your offline brand promise? Or vice versa? By creating effective online brand experiences.Continue Reading

Global Coupon: the world in your hand

Smart Marketing: Keep it Simple

You’ve heard it before: keep it simple. Less is more. Cut through the clutter. What does that actually mean, when it comes to marketing your brand, product or service online? At Global Coupon, we help you keep it simple while achievingContinue Reading