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An Introduction, and Coupon Demographics

Hi there! I’m BP, part of Global Coupon’s marketing team. Since GC is, at its core, a brand marketing platform, Jason has asked us to chime in and give a marketing pro’s perspective here on the blog. Look out for us for content about marketing, made for marketers!

Marketers have a habit of getting caught up with stereotypes. They make things easy for us, when we’re creating our target customer – that archetypical consumer who embodies all the demographic traits we’re trying to target with any given campaign. Unfortunately, this can narrow our field of vision when we’re looking for a fresh approach.

We’re finding this perspective limitation quite predictable these days, as we dive deeper into the world of coupons. Ask most people who they think uses coupons, and they’ll generally think of an older consumer, maybe a mother or a pensioner, clipping grocery coupons out of circulars. As marketers, we can’t afford to accept that stereotype as gospel – particularly not when it’s so far off base.

Sure, a lot of mothers and pensioners are coupon users. The rest are just occasional or incidental users – right? Nope. Turns out, “71% of people between the ages of 18-24 use coupons when purchasing a product or service.” [figure from the Product Marketing Association (PMA)] Not only that, but these offers are more influential for this demographic, in many retail categories, than for any other in the country. These young people are 12% more likely to use a coupon for electronics, 7% more likely to use one for clothing, 2% more likely to use one for telecommunications services – even 3% more likely to use a coupon for an automobile purchase!

As a whole, 86% of the population uses coupons on at least some purchases*. This means that the people making primary purchasing decisions are considering deals and brand offers before they buy. Being absent in this space is an error marketers can’t afford to make. Global Coupon will be launching very soon – you may want to think about occupying that space, don’t you think?

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