Glocalization and Global Coupon

It’s not trendy anymore, but it doesn’t have to be: glocalization has moved beyond being the hot marketing flavour of the month, into accepted practice for any business thinking about expanding market share beyond its national borders. In this digitalContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Converting Likes and Shares

So, your business has a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Which is great: you’ve confirmed how you want to deliver your social media marketing efforts. But you still have to create marketing messaging that works for bothContinue Reading

Affiliate Networking Power

Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Work

As we gear up for another new year, what are you doing to elevate your business? An affiliate marketing program where you pay your affiliate partners a referral fee for every lead or sale generated by their marketing efforts, isn’tContinue Reading

What's your marketing strategy?

Towards An Effective Digital Marketplace Part 2

We’re back from IGNITION 2012: The Future of Digital. Turns out, Global Coupon is right on trend. Here, we add to our previous post on the future of digital marketing – which includes increased use of Real Time Advertising (and Real TimeContinue Reading

What's your marketing strategy?

Towards An Effective Digital Marketplace

The travel refrain “Are we there yet?” simply doesn’t apply, in the digital marketplace – things coming up, down the road, are already here faster than you can type r we thr yet? and hit “Send.” Can you keep up? HowContinue Reading


On Limitations and Possibilities

There are a lot of different ways to go about building a global business. You can start with what you know, and build from there. Or, you can recognize a need, and then define how to meet it. Global Coupon was born from the latter scenario, and thus it presented me with the challenge of working in an unfamiliar industry to realize the vision.

The vision: To bring a platform to market that would be beneficial across the board, with the recognition that what was good for business was good for consumers, so long as everyone involved had an eye to sustainable success and growth. I knew, from a user side (both business and personal) where the gaps were in the existing models. So I certainly wasn’t going to let the fact that I wasn’t a programmer stop me from filling a need that I saw so clearly.

The great thing about being based in a city like Vancouver is the vibrant start-up and development scene. There are great technology minds working here, and the culture is incredibly supportive of new ideas and disruptive propositions. When I first sat down with the programmers who are currently building the technical side of Global Coupon, it really didn’t matter that I couldn’t code. It was a matter of assembling a smart, dedicated and talented team committed to the same principles of what we’re creating. A good team doesn’t depend on every single person being able to do everything – this is not how great, game-changing products come to be. Those come from a group of people, all doing what they do very well, all in alignment with the end goal.

Limitations are, for the most part, only obstacles of varying height – not the roadblocks we so often see them as. One of the main goals of Global Coupon is to remove a great many of those limitations for businesses and individuals around the world. It’s how we’ve started, and we intend to keep on in just that way. Continue reading


An Update at T-minus Three Months

Last week, in addition to sharing our excitement at being merely three months until launch, we announced our charity of choice program. After that, we thought it might be nice to share some of our excitement about other areas of our progress with you!

Firstly, in regards to the charity of choice program: while the Global Coupon framework will have multiple models to benefit a range of charitable and non-profit organizations, we’re particularly excited about this specific program. We look forward to announcing the beneficiaries soon, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear who you think should join the list of registered charities that business members will be able to appoint their support for.

Speaking of members, we’re starting to see quite a few more of you requesting information about the business and affiliate programs. As a result, we’re paying particular attention to getting some of our support materials ready to share with you – a sneak peak, if you will, of some of the tools we’ll be offering.

We’re also in the process of (putting into place) a new pre-launch give-away program. As you may know, we’ve given away thousands of dollars through our monthly $500 subscriber draw, but as we draw closer to going live, we want to do something special for our subscribers. We’re playing it close to our vest for now, but keep an eye peeled here over the coming weeks for more information. We think you’ll like what you’ll see!

There’s plenty more going on, but we can’t share all our surprises with you yet. Suffice to say, as we draw ever closer, we get ever more excited about what we’ll have to offer you. Only three months to go! Continue reading


Who, What, Where, When and Why is Global Coupon?

I’d like to propose a question, and I hope you’ll stick with me as I attempt to answer it for you. When is a coupon not a coupon?

When we reach the limitations our minds automatically place on our understanding of what a coupon is, we must go beyond the word to create a new understanding. I suppose that’s when it’s no longer a coupon as we know it.

As we best know them, coupons have been around in some shape or form since the 1880’s. They are something we all have at least a passing familiarity with, and we know that the word ‘coupon’ generally equates, somehow, with savings. That far at least, we’re on track.

Global Coupon, however, isn’t built along the same lines as your standard grocery circular or aggregator website. What we’re doing is taking that concept, of savings and of value, and infusing an entire business generation system with those basic and too-often overlooked principles. While the coupon itself is not particularly revolutionary, when the power of its association with branding and value is leveraged on the grand scale, I believe the potential is extraordinary.

So if a coupon isn’t necessarily always a coupon…what is Global Coupon? Continue reading


Hello, I’m Jason. Welcome to the Global Coupon Blog.

The title says it all – welcome to the Global Coupon Blog! Welcome to Global Coupon! You may not be entirely sure what it is yet, but maybe you’ve come here to find out more. Maybe you’ve come because you’re simply looking for another coupon site, deal site, or because you consider yourself an early adopter and want to learn more.

My name is Jason Hari, and I’m the founder of Global Coupon. My goal, when I first came up with this idea, was to drastically change the way the world does business. It’s a big goal, but I didn’t want to make just another coupon site or deal site; in fact, I wanted to fix the problems that sites like those cause for both the businesses and the consumers who use them. Who wants to buy deals on things they never would have bought in the first place – is it even really a deal, then? What business wants to lose 75% of their revenue just to get people in the door? It’s easy to get fifty cents off margarine, but what about when you need an insurance quote? Or when your business is looking for a new supplier? What then? Continue reading

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