Mobile marketing coupon

Smart Marketing: Your Mobile Marketing Options

Where’s your mobile phone right now? Chances are it’s either in your hand, and you’re reading this on it – or it’s very close at hand. Your business needs a mobile marketing strategy, just like you now would find itContinue Reading

Call Centres for Revenue Sharing Affiliate Partnerships

Smart Marketing: The Global Coupon Revenue Sharing Affiliate Partnership Program

Have you considered a revenue sharing program, such as an Affiliate Partner Program, for your business? An Affiliate Partner Program is a win-win: both you, and your affiliate partner organization, make money when you drive business to them and/or achieveContinue Reading

Create effective online banner ads, social media ads

Smart Marketing: Create Effective Banner Ads Pt. 1

…made you look. Creating effective banner advertising. mobile ads and social media ads is both as simple, and as tricky, as you might think. You don’t have a lot of time to capture your prospect’s attention and make them takeContinue Reading

Email marketing that works

Smart Marketing: Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Think email marketing is dead? That it isn’t cost effective? Has low ROI? It may not be as sexy as social media marketing (SMM), but according to many recent email marketing statistics (scroll to the bottom of the linked page for theContinue Reading

online lead generation marketing advertising trends

Global Coupon at Canada Marketing Summit 2014: What’s Your Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead generation, anyone? It’s that time of the year again: the start of a whole new season of marketing conferences and summits. Global Coupon is proud to sponsor the third Canada Marketing Summit this year, focused on marketing, advertising and leadContinue Reading

business resolutions for 2014

Smart Marketing: Business Resolutions for 2014

Many people make personal New Year’s resolutions for 2014, and some may already have fallen off that particular wagon (when was the last time you worked out?). But how about the resolutions you’ve made for your business this year? ReadContinue Reading

Digital Marketing and Advertising Targets 2014

Smart Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Plenty of experts and pundits (as outlined in this post from Forbes) are weighing in on marketing trends for 2014. What are a few things we think will make sense for SME, and how can Global Coupon help you achieve thoseContinue Reading


Smart Marketing: The Gamification of Online Advertising

“Gamification” means what it sounds like it means: making real-world, non-game processes and situations, work and feel more like you’re playing a game. If this seems engaging and fun so far, you’re right. All of us grew up playing games,Continue Reading

GC1000 Campaign

Smart Marketing: Digital Street Marketing

What is street marketing? If you’ve ever been approached by a friendly person waving a flyer and taken it because it was handed to you with a smile, or stopped to stare at someone dressed up as a pizza, sayContinue Reading

Satisfied Customers

Smart Marketing: Building Customer Engagement

Do you need customer engagement? An engaged customer is more likely to be loyal to your brand over a longer period of time, and to spend more money on average, than an un-engaged customer. So if you really expect yourContinue Reading

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