Digital Marketing and Advertising Targets 2014

Smart Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Plenty of experts and pundits (as outlined in this post from Forbes) are weighing in on marketing trends for 2014. What are a few things we think will make sense for SME, and how can Global Coupon help you achieve thoseContinue Reading


Global Coupon at the Vancouver Social Media Awards

  Why would a digital marketing platform be a sponsor for Vancouver’s first Social Media Awards—presented by the folks at Vancity Buzz? Yes, it’s a good fit. Vancity Buzz featured Global Coupon founder/president Jason Hari (yours truly) in their Vancity Entrepreneurs section and picked Global CouponContinue Reading

Asian Affiliate Marketer

Smart Marketing: Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

Money, Meaning, or Impact ? How about all three! Interested in getting started with an affiliate program but aren’t sure how to do it? You need to make a few decisions, before you can even think about marketing your affiliateContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Converting Likes and Shares

So, your business has a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Which is great: you’ve confirmed how you want to deliver your social media marketing efforts. But you still have to create marketing messaging that works for bothContinue Reading

Affiliate Networking Power

Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Work

As we gear up for another new year, what are you doing to elevate your business? An affiliate marketing program where you pay your affiliate partners a referral fee for every lead or sale generated by their marketing efforts, isn’tContinue Reading

Global Coupon @growconf pre-meetup in Seattle

The Global Coupon crew made a road trip of it – there, and back again – down to Seattle, WA for the GROW2012 Pre-Party + Vancouver / Seattle Startup Meetup on Wednesday, sponsored by Bay Area-based Dealmaker Media. The pizzaContinue Reading


On Limitations and Possibilities

There are a lot of different ways to go about building a global business. You can start with what you know, and build from there. Or, you can recognize a need, and then define how to meet it. Global Coupon was born from the latter scenario, and thus it presented me with the challenge of working in an unfamiliar industry to realize the vision.

The vision: To bring a platform to market that would be beneficial across the board, with the recognition that what was good for business was good for consumers, so long as everyone involved had an eye to sustainable success and growth. I knew, from a user side (both business and personal) where the gaps were in the existing models. So I certainly wasn’t going to let the fact that I wasn’t a programmer stop me from filling a need that I saw so clearly.

The great thing about being based in a city like Vancouver is the vibrant start-up and development scene. There are great technology minds working here, and the culture is incredibly supportive of new ideas and disruptive propositions. When I first sat down with the programmers who are currently building the technical side of Global Coupon, it really didn’t matter that I couldn’t code. It was a matter of assembling a smart, dedicated and talented team committed to the same principles of what we’re creating. A good team doesn’t depend on every single person being able to do everything – this is not how great, game-changing products come to be. Those come from a group of people, all doing what they do very well, all in alignment with the end goal.

Limitations are, for the most part, only obstacles of varying height – not the roadblocks we so often see them as. One of the main goals of Global Coupon is to remove a great many of those limitations for businesses and individuals around the world. It’s how we’ve started, and we intend to keep on in just that way. Continue reading

Global Coupon Launches on IndieGogo

At Global Coupon, we believe in creating a new community for consumers, businesses and affiliates. We want to get people involved in everything we do. As such, to assist in our pursuit to engage all stakeholders in our mission, we launched a campaign on IndieGogo Continue reading


The Rise of Part-Time Affiliates

You’re crazy if you think a traditional full-time job is the only, or the best, way to build a career anymore. Sounds scary, and polarizing, but that’s the essential message behind a piece by Seth Godin, published on his blog last year. He’s certainly not the only person pointing out the trend away from those permanent, full-time positions that marked business in prior years. It seems as though we’re witness to a new era – the rise of the contractor, the rise of the freelancer. Perhaps also, the rise of the affiliate. Certainly, the rise of the necessity to create additional revenue streams for our overall income. As wages stagnate, something needs to counterbalance the rising cost of living.

Look around you: see what is going on in your own home town or city. Traditional workers are under-employed, displaced, unemployed, and in some cases losing hope for their future prospects. The thought of going back to school, on the off-chance it will positively affect employment options, has its own pitfalls. High tuition fees, lost earnings while studying with no guarantee that things will be any better with some extra letters after your name.

Employers large and small continually rationalize their payroll costs, managing profit margins, sales, rising costs etc, while a challenging economy confronts them with lower business sales and uncertain return to shareholders. The independent entrepreneur mindset is often borne of necessity more than choice. Continue reading


Social Entrepreneurialism in the Global Marketplace

There’s no question the digital world has fundamentally shifted how people, businesses and nations do business. Whether we like it or not, we are now all interconnected to each other in some way, shape or form.

It seems like only yesterday that the dot com craze inspired people on the possibilities of online marketing and business in a globalized world before fizzling away during its crash. Although the business fundamentals weren’t present in those models, they certainly started to shift the world into the digital age we know today. Continue reading