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Smart Marketing: Business Resolutions for 2014

Many people make personal New Year’s resolutions for 2014, and some may already have fallen off that particular wagon (when was the last time you worked out?). But how about the resolutions you’ve made for your business this year? ReadContinue Reading

Convenience cards

Smart Marketing: The Business Benefit of Loyalty Programs

Online and mobile transactions may be the direction everything is heading, but consumers still like shopping in person, and increasingly favour plastic over cash when paying for their purchases at point of sale (POS). A recent Industry Canada Consumer Trends Report shows thatContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Profit from CSR

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Smart Marketing: Maximize ROI on a $100 monthly online marketing budget

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Understanding Saving

I think that, in general, most people agree that saving money is a good thing. But I know that I personally fall into the trap of leaving small or ‘awkward’ savings on the table, and I bet I’m not alone.Continue Reading


Stagnant money, rising costs.

Global Coupon is, in every real sense, an international company. Our platform is built to be identical whether it’s accessed from the center of the Eurozone or an island somewhere in the Pacific, and offers the same functionality for users across the world.

While we’re based in Canada, and today’s blog post comes from a “local” article, it’s certainly not a local phenomenon that it addresses. Here’s the story, published today by the Canadian Press:

Canadian incomes unchanged for third straight year: StatsCan

Median income in 2010 remained stagnant

OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says median, after-tax income for families of two or more people amounted to $65,500 in 2010, virtually unchanged from 2009.

It says that was the third consecutive year without significant change in after-tax income.

Two-parent families with children had a median, after-tax income of $78,800 in 2010.

The median for female, lone-parent families was $38,700, while families headed by a senior had a median after-tax income of $46,800.

For singles, median after-tax income was also unchanged in 2010, with non-seniors at $27,500 and seniors at $23,400.

After-tax income is the total of earnings, private pensions, income from investments and other sources, less income tax.” Continue reading


5 Ways We’d Like to Change Your Life

At Global Coupon, we don’t believe in mincing words, or in couching our vision in cautious terms. We want to change the way the world does business. We want to make our business and consumer subscribers’ lives better. We want,Continue Reading


Is it really a deal if you didn’t need or want it in the first place?

One of our major challenges as we enter the marketplace with Global Coupon is the other connotations that the word ‘coupon’ elicits, both historically and in the modern sense, where aggregators organize the deluge of daily deal offerings.

First, from the consumer’s perspective: Previously on this blog, we’ve mentioned the fact that we see the next generation of coupons as brand offers; targeted brand presences incorporating value and savings on mainstream products, services and professional services. Not necessarily as a piece of paper clipped from a flyer, or an email offering 75% off for that day’s deal. Where these examples come into conflict with our viewpoint is on the subject of value, and the one dimensional deal format aimed at despondent, often indifferent, and inundated untargeted consumers – how much value is there in products or services offered up for extreme discounts if you never would have paid for it in the first place? Surely price isn’t the only reason you’ve never gone parasailing, or purchased a raincoat for your dog, or had monthly deep conditioning done on your hair, or a paintball lesson, or the hundredth spa treatment that month. You probably didn’t need or want those things before the email arrived in your inbox, but since it was such a great deal… Continue reading