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Smart Marketing: Your Mobile Marketing Options

Where’s your mobile phone right now? Chances are it’s either in your hand, and you’re reading this on it – or it’s very close at hand. Your business needs a mobile marketing strategy, just like you now would find itContinue Reading

Global Coupon To Begin Student Empowerment Programs And Post Secondary Scholarships In Major Global Cities

Global Digital Marketing Super Platform to Empower a New Generation of Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide

VANCOUVER, CANADA – November 27, 2012 – Global Coupon Inc., a revolutionary digital brand offers and brand advertising platform, today announced the kick off of the Global Coupon Student Affiliate Program (GCSAP), a worldwide student empowerment and scholarship program designed to create the next generation of young, socially-minded entrepreneurs in the global digital age. Continue reading

Big online marketing results for $100

Smart Marketing: Maximize ROI on a $100 monthly online marketing budget

How do you make your online marketing budget count? You may have read last week’s Smart Marketing blog post about how consumers are using the Internet more these days to browse and buy. Businesses are catching on, and if you haven’t already,Continue Reading


CMA Report Shows the Importance of New Marketing

Earlier this month, the CMA (Canadian Marketing Association) announced findings from its new report, Marketing’s Influence in Canada: In and evolving digital economy. The results are telling. In 2011, Canadian businesses spent $29 billion on marketing-related activities. The report also states marketing-related employment at 1.1 million jobs, accounting for 6.3% of total employment in Canada. However, it also reinforces what we already know – that the move to the digital economy is going to be a main driver of growth for marketing and for Canadian businesses in general.

For instance, the CMA reports that businesses spent $14.4 billion on advertising in 2011, with Internet ad spend accounting for 18%. However, the forecast Canadian businesses will spend $17.3 billion in 2016, with Internet ad spend contributing 26% at that time.

With this in mind, there is no question that harnessing proven technologies and new digital tools, such as those offered by our platform, will be key for successful businesses now and in the future. We have developed a purpose-built community for consumers, businesses and affiliates that utilizes the latest digital technologies, marketing and advertising tools and techniques to provide owners, sales, marketing and purchasers to extend quickly and cost-effectively extend brand reach, increase sales, lower costs and grow profits.

For more information on the CMA’s report, please click here. Continue reading

Global Coupon at ad:tech London!

Thank-you to everyone who came out to see us! We had a great time introducing people to Global Coupon.



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Entrepreneurship & the Developing World

We’ve talked a lot about how our affiliate program is designed to give anyone, no matter where they live or what situation they’re living in, the opportunity to create their own successes. Here’s an excerpt from an article that explains why, in particular, we see this as part of our social entrepreneurship focus, in this case in the developing world:

“Opportunities for entrepreneurs in developing countries are broader in scope than in developed markets, allowing firms to pursue a portfolio approach to strategy that can efficiently manage the higher levels of business and market risk. Entrepreneurs in developing countries face a different set of circumstances than their counterparts in developed economies. These differences are rooted in the underlying economies in which they operate. Emerging markets lack a stable of mature markets and the consistency that such markets offer. Consequently, the opportunity for entrepreneurship in emerging markets is pervasive. While Western entrepreneurs operate at the fringes of the economy, emerging market entrepreneurs operate closer to the core – the needs and opportunities are more widespread.”

The full article can be read here.

While this particular study looks at traditional entrepreneurship, it’s take-aways can certainly be applied more broadly. We look forward to seeing how motivated individuals in less competitive markets can capitalize on the opportunity we believe Global Coupon presents for them. This is one area in particular in which we are very excited for what the future holds. Continue reading

Global Coupon Launches on IndieGogo

At Global Coupon, we believe in creating a new community for consumers, businesses and affiliates. We want to get people involved in everything we do. As such, to assist in our pursuit to engage all stakeholders in our mission, we launched a campaign on IndieGogo Continue reading


Are Things Getting Better?

We, all of us, talk about the recession quite a bit. It serves as a centerpiece to both conversation and, in many cases, strategy. We accept that our businesses must recognize this ‘post-recession’ reality. But how accurate is that general discourse? Are we ‘post-recession’? Are we still in it, or are we in it again? Could we be staring down the barrel of something bigger?

It’s not a pleasant consideration – we’d all like to believe that we’re out of the woods; that our austerity and general belt tightening will soon be eased. In this ‘post-recession’ perception, we start to spend a little less wisely perhaps. But taking a step back, looking at our very global economy, shows us that relaxation might not be the best bet quite yet.

Take this, for example, from the Telegraph: Continue reading