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Global Coupon Helps Extend Global Reach and Sales Conversion For Mainstream Brands

Global Digital Marketing Super Platform to Make it Easier for Blue Chip Brands to Connect with Customers, Suppliers and End-Consumers Worldwide

VANCOUVER, CANADA – October 11, 2012 – Global Coupon Inc., a revolutionary digital brand offers and brand advertising platform, today announced the availability of its super platform that enables mainstream brands to cost-effectively and easily connect with customers, suppliers and end-consumers through its purpose-built online community.

The successful phase one launch at ad:tech London in September 2012 further validated the value and demand of the Global Coupon platform’s business generation system for businesses and agencies to extend brand reach and drive sales conversions from domestic to global markets. Through the use of its platform-wide, real-time ad auction environment, inbound and outbound marketing venues, and biddable media options, Global Coupon helps global brands to target specific local to international markets by creating and controlling their brand advertising and brand offer strategies to desired audiences.

“The Global Coupon platform is an innovative scalable system for mainstream brands to build and strengthen customer relationships, branding return-on-investment and vital brand presence for both B2C and B2B entities in both mature and growing markets around the world,” stated Jason Hari, Founder and CEO for Global Coupon, Inc. “In today’s cluttered media world, business customers and end-consumers demand category and location-specific messaging that resonates with their current and near-term needs. As such, our platform offers marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners the ability to tap markets around the world with relevant presence and placement of their brand offers and advertisements, quickly and cost-effectively.”

As part of its launch sequence, over the past six months Global Coupon has focused efforts building its worldwide business and consumer subscriber base through media partners, social platforms and charitable organizations such as its regional charity of choice, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. This initial stage has developed a growing community of consumer and business subscribers who have opted in for local, national and international brand messages, offers and new product promotions from businesses that share in their social and corporate values.

“This is an exciting period for Global Coupon,” added Hari. “Our continually expanding community of business and consumer subscribers has indicated their specific need to work with and buy from brands that leverage the use of our platform. As such, I am confident that our platform will help businesses to build trust and customer loyalty, especially for brands marketing in-country or looking to extend reach into developing or emerging markets around the globe where increased brand presence translates into stronger B2C and B2B sales growth from the rising middle class.”

During this initial launch period, businesses and agencies may register as members for free as full features come forward over the coming months.

Availability and Pricing

Global Coupon is offered as a subscription and member-based platform for businesses looking to extend brand reach and brand resonance on a global scale. Business memberships start at $100 per month. Additional costs range from only $100 to $750 per city per month. Rates are based upon brand reach and economic buying power of the population of local to global target cities. Wider national and global inclusive geographic regions are available to help achieve economies of scale. Global Coupon’s scalable membership parameter enables businesses of all sizes to create and deliver brand marketing and advertising in relevant business categories and locations.

Consumers have the option for paid membership that includes an all-access card for additional volume discounts on everyday products and services from participating businesses. Consumers and businesses also have the option to sign up as free subscribers. Affiliates must register as a member prior to earning income from monthly business spend volumes.

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