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Global Coupon To Begin Student Empowerment Programs And Post Secondary Scholarships In Major Global Cities

Global Digital Marketing Super Platform to Empower a New Generation of Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide

VANCOUVER, CANADA – November 27, 2012 – Global Coupon Inc., a revolutionary digital brand offers and brand advertising platform, today announced the kick off of the Global Coupon Student Affiliate Program (GCSAP), a worldwide student empowerment and scholarship program designed to create the next generation of young, socially-minded entrepreneurs in the global digital age.

The GCSAP empowers high school and university students with a meaningful vehicle to earn long-term income in addition to gaining vital business, marketing, sales, business development and fundraising experience for their resume profile, while contributing to a win-win-win social entrepreneurship opportunity to help their respective communities. The program also enables collegiate and university institutions and related associations to fundraise for their respective programs via bulk Global Coupon Access Cards sold to student body, faculty staff, and the public which enables support of area business patronage, student savings and community building.

In keeping with the Global Coupon mission to empower individuals and create vibrant economies, the GCSAP is aligned to the principles shared by the World Economic Forum – that economic progress without social development is not sustainable, while social development without economic progress is impossible. Simply put, entrepreneurship is in the global public interest.

“At Global Coupon, we enable and foster business brands, products and services to worldwide consumers and businesses, and understand that the students of today are the current and future generations of consumers and business owners,” stated Jason Hari, Founder and CEO of Global Coupon. “With rising costs, student loan demands, and lack of employment during their academic lives and in the critical timeframe just after graduation, we at Global Coupon decided to be proactive and provide meaningful leadership to create and deliver a student empowerment program as well as post secondary scholarships.”

Local to global businesses and brands must recognize that 43 per cent of the world’s population and 60 per cent of developing countries are under the age of 25 (United Nations: State of the World Population Report, 2011). Further, students are among the hardest hit during challenging economic times, yet they pursue the value of higher education and lifelong learning to contribute in many meaningful ways to our collective communities and global economic base. The GCSAP aims to help nurture and support the effective transition and contribution of human capital to industry to better support economic progress, social development and the greater global public interest.

About the GCSAP
Geared toward high school and university students, the GCSAP helps create win-win-win opportunities for students, businesses and the communities they support. On top of scholarship programs that act as incentives for achievement, the free program helps student affiliates gain business experience and earn long-term passive income, while strengthening communities and businesses both locally and globally. The program also provides faculty and academic institutions the ability to integrate real life work experience to better educate students during and post graduation, lessening the burden of rising student costs and under-employment.

For Global Coupon Business Members via student affiliation, the GCSAP enables cost-effective expansion of brand reach and brand offer delivery to desirable student, global consumer and business markets, and participation in socially responsible funding for registered Global Coupon charities of choice or their own respective cause. The GCSAP offers businesses a purpose-built, single access point to deliver branding and brand offers to students around the corner, or around the world. The Global Coupon platform increases brand presence, solidifies brand promise, drives new customer acquisition, grows average purchase price, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases sales profit.
For more information on the GCSAP, please visit:

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