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I have a lot of faith in consumers – faith that the majority of consumers, out of need or desire, will always feel compelled to shop; faith that they will pay to stay in style; and yes, faith that they want to be socially responsible at the same time – if given that choice.

I also have faith that businesses desire more than just brand presence, market expansion, and sales conversion for their business growth. I believe the majority of business stakeholders have evolved, and have elevated their vision and broader perspectives to leverage what their businesses’ profitable growth can mean to implementing significant and productive economic and social change. They simply needed an effective and innovative means to do it.

Consumer buying power and brand choice, will always be harnessed by effective brand association. The Global Coupon platform facilitates and maintains the balance of these collective and inter-dependent faiths.

Does anything back up this faith? Sustainable Brands reported recently that global market trends are now shaped by “aspirational” consumers who care just as much about being socially responsible, as buying the latest, greatest, or cheapest. Corresponding with this is a rise in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, as reported by Ernst & Young – driven in part by consumer demand and increasingly, by employee stakeholders.

What does this mean for businesses? That people will buy into a brand that markets itself intelligently as green, global village-minded and socially responsible – we discuss some of the ways how, in our recent blog post “Smart Marketing: Profit from CSR.”

But what is the human face of this movement toward sustainable or “green” consumerism, and the social entrepreneurship response from brands – local to global, large and small? In my case, the cycle of corporate social responsibility hits close to home – as the Canadian-born son of a pioneering immigrant family and an entrepreneur in my own right, a visit to my ancestral homeland emphasized the need to eradicate generational poverty on an international scale – starting with glocalization and a mass shift in thinking from adversarial, “win-lose” B2B and B2C relationships, to a more collaborative, “win-win” approach to consuming and to doing business. The mobile and shifting online marketing landscape is the new frontier, and what better place to start a revolution than by building a digital marketing and branding platform that integrates socially responsible practices while building brands, driving sales, and creating value for consumers and businesses?

Post-launch in late 2012, and as we continue with rolling out the Global Coupon platform through 2013, the mantra remains the same: If you give consumers and businesses the opportunity to be both profitable and impactful , businesses win, consumers win, and our  greater community wins.

I challenge you to make 2013 your year to kick your social entrepreneurship and CSR efforts into higher gear.

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