Smart Marketing: The Gamification of Online Advertising

“Gamification” means what it sounds like it means: making real-world, non-game processes and situations, work and feel more like you’re playing a game. If this seems engaging and fun so far, you’re right. All of us grew up playing games,Continue Reading

GC1000 Campaign

Smart Marketing: Digital Street Marketing

What is street marketing? If you’ve ever been approached by a friendly person waving a flyer and taken it because it was handed to you with a smile, or stopped to stare at someone dressed up as a pizza, sayContinue Reading

Satisfied Customers

Smart Marketing: Building Customer Engagement

Do you need customer engagement? An engaged customer is more likely to be loyal to your brand over a longer period of time, and to spend more money on average, than an un-engaged customer. So if you really expect yourContinue Reading

A Fresh Brand Is a Tasty Brand

Smart Marketing: Keeping Your Online Brand Fresh

A fresh brand is tasty: if your brand is relevant to your market segment and stays top of mind with your target customer, people will want a piece of it. And that means, conversion and ROI on your digital marketing andContinue Reading


Why You Should List Your Business Online

Where are people finding your business, these days? Betraying my own generational bias, I used to consult a hard copy directory if I was looking for an unfamiliar product or service, or simply wanted to browse what was available. Now theContinue Reading

Pain in the Back

Smart Marketing: Have You Got A Pain In Your Business?

If you do, you’re definitely not alone. What annoys you the most – or hits you (in the wallet) where it really hurts, about online marketing? These pain points are on many “Top Three” lists: 1. Social media is timeContinue Reading

Google Glass

Would You Wear Google Glass?

What you wear says a lot about you. So would you wear Google Glass? If you’re not sure what it is, or what it does – the official Google Glass website provides a slick introduction. Google has also just released more technicalContinue Reading

Convenience cards

Smart Marketing: The Business Benefit of Loyalty Programs

Online and mobile transactions may be the direction everything is heading, but consumers still like shopping in person, and increasingly favour plastic over cash when paying for their purchases at point of sale (POS). A recent Industry Canada Consumer Trends Report shows thatContinue Reading


Global Coupon at the Vancouver Social Media Awards

  Why would a digital marketing platform be a sponsor for Vancouver’s first Social Media Awards—presented by the folks at Vancity Buzz? Yes, it’s a good fit. Vancity Buzz featured Global Coupon founder/president Jason Hari (yours truly) in their Vancity Entrepreneurs section and picked Global CouponContinue Reading

Green and Global

Join the Global Coupon Revolution

I have a lot of faith in consumers – faith that the majority of consumers, out of need or desire, will always feel compelled to shop; faith that they will pay to stay in style; and yes, faith that theyContinue Reading

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