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Smart Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Digital Marketing and Advertising Targets 2014

Plenty of experts and pundits (as outlined in this post from Forbes) are weighing in on marketing trends for 2014. What are a few things we think will make sense for SME, and how can Global Coupon help you achieve those goals?

The trend: Location-based services and geo-targeting. Whether you’re B2C or B2B, your target audience wants to view content tailored to their needs and location.

The solution: On a local to global digital marketing and advertising platform like Global Coupon, you can now reach a much larger audience, with much more relevant offers and brand presence. As a Business Member you can select the regions in which you want your product, service or professional service to be brand present with offers and advertising, including a real-time bid/buy advertising system that alerts you of competing advertisers in your product or service category and desired online real estate if you are bidding, and also enables you to purchase premium ad spots on the platform outright for guaranteed visibility to your chosen target. As a Global Coupon Consumer Member who may only want to browse the platform for offers, new brands and savings (and not use it yourself for your own business to post offers or to advertise), you can select to see only the offers and advertising you are actually interested in – through selecting your location, product, and service category preferences from your dashboard after logging in.

The trend: Mobile shopping and multi-screen behaviour. As a “seamless” digital experience becomes increasingly a reality, mobile use is here to stay.

The solution: Global Coupon provides a turnkey solution at a cost-effective monthly fee for SME wanting a digital presence. The platform is mobile ready, and as a Global Coupon Business Member, any posted offers are not only geo-targeted, but can include a bar code for easy processing at any POS if printed out, and a QR code for even more targeted content marketing and advertising/to encourage further conversion if the offer is shared through social media. From the target audience perspective, their “multi-screen behaviour” would include browsing the Global Coupon platform on their mobile devices, selecting and saving your brand offer for a product, service or professional service, viewing your company website for further information on their laptops or Internet-enabled TV at home, before finally deciding to make an online purchase (using the posted offer they found on Global Coupon) from your shopping cart or from one of your bricks-and-mortar retail locations.

The trend: Globalization of affiliate networks and affiliate marketing. Even those based in a more saturated affiliate market, like Canada or the United States, are starting to actively tap into other regions.

The solution: A local to global platform like Global Coupon makes it easier for you to source and recruit from other quickly-developing regions of the world. As a Global Coupon Affiliate, the single tier program provides volume-based commission incentives for every person you sign up as a Business Member of the platform. Whether you are a part time affiliate marketer or an affiliate marketing professional, you can target regions of the world with rising economies, such as India, China, and parts of Africa and South America, through Global Coupon – and expand your operations through promoting the platform. As payouts are a minimum of US$50 per month and conveniently made through the universal PayPal system, this would have mass appeal.

What other trends do you see for 2014?

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