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Smart Marketing: Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Think email marketing is dead? That it isn’t cost effective? Has low ROI? It may not be as sexy as social media marketing (SMM), but according to many recent email marketing statistics (scroll to the bottom of the linked page for the sources) email marketing is not only here to stay – it’s evolving and expanding rapidly. 

Email marketing that works


Thanks to that rapidly changing digital landscape, what do you need to know today to help ensure more effective email marketing?

  • DO brand your HTML template with your logo, brand colours, copy, and images that create the kind of impression you want your business to give people. Include images you have the rights to, and ensure you have Alternative Text descriptors for all of them.
  • DON’T be afraid to send out a text-only version; many email programs automatically block images and links (this is where the Alt Text comes in handy), so some people actually appreciate text-only. Just make sure your copy is engaging and tells your story, because in a text only email, that’s all you’ve got.
  • DO ensure your emails and website are mobile friendly and include links to help drive people to specifically crafted lead generation pages; stats show more people are opening emails on their smartphones. People may bookmark the links they click on and return later for more, or click on that social sharing button, and help you spread the word in other ways. For example, all Global Coupon Business Members can provide a link to their posted brand offers for products or services on the Global Coupon marketing platform, that can also link back to their corporate or ecommerce websites and retail locations.
  • DON’T sell – inform, persuade, and provide a call to action (with promise of some sort of reward, e.g. entry into a prize draw) that gives people a compelling reason to follow up with you. Global Coupon ran several successful social media campaigns to boost its social media following and newsletter subscriber numbers, in partnership with established bloggers and blog sites.
  • DO make your emails short, or at the very least, to the point. Organizing it with anchor links at the top that jump to content further down, also helps. Text heavy emails tend to make people’s eyes glaze over; people are busy, or they think they are, so less is definitely more.
  • DON’T hide your contact information or “Unsubscribe” link. Doing this, is one of the fastest ways to get a subscriber annoyed with you. Make the information easy enough to find, either through using design elements (a small button or text box, strategically placed), or by repeating the information throughout the body of the email.
  • DO pick non-spammy sounding subject lines. There are many subject line checker programs to help you find the right combination of words and subject, to encourage opens.
  • DON’T send out generic emails to your entire list. Personalization and customization is key.
  • DO segment your email lists, and tailor your messaging to each segment. Use big data to help you increase open rates, click-throughs, and ultimately conversion.

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