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Smart Marketing: Keeping Your Online Brand Fresh

A fresh brand is tasty: if your brand is relevant to your market segment and stays top of mind with your target customer, people will want a piece of it. And that means, conversion and ROI on your digital marketing and branding spend.

In all seriousness, when you’re surfing the web and browsing a website’s pages, you’re doing exactly what you do when you’re in the produce section of the supermarket – you scan, you pick through, you zero in on the freshest version of what you’re looking for, just so you can spend your money as well as you know how. You want tomatoes, but not just any tomatoes; you want the freshest tomatoes available, possibly some that are labeled organic or non-GMO or that are sourced locally, come wrapped in 100% post consumer paper or placed in a 100% biodegradable plastic shopping bag – preferably (of course) at a price point that suits you, so you can feel extra good about buying them.


This evaluation is exactly the same one your customers make, when they come across your online brand: what leaps out, what’s familiar yet constantly refreshed, what engages them, what keeps them coming back for more, what makes them feel good to be associated with, and ultimately, persuades them to click to purchase? At a certain point, as you build your online brand loyalty and client base, you’ll wonder how you ever doubted that investing in digital marketing and branding would be a good idea.


Here are a few ways you can get to that point, quicker than you may have thought possible:

1. See It Coming: Adapt, or Die

You may be the recognized name in town for your product or service right now, perhaps through a mix of referrals, traditional marketing and B2B networking (trade shows; conferences) – but the market is dynamic, and you can’t simply rely on your brand being “established.” Well known brands with longevity, like Coca Cola and Apple, adapt their branding and messaging every so often to stay relevant to their audience. Your clients are increasingly online and mobile, so if you’re not there, you’re not reaching them – when was the last time you actually saw someone carry a flyer around, and refer to it? If your brand presence in the digital space amounts to an outdated website, a static Facebook page and a Twitter account that’s been dormant since the first month you opened it, with an old logo/tagline and graphics that haven’t been refreshed since you founded your business, there’s a problem.

2. Don’t Make Assumptions: What Are They (Really) Thinking?

Are you a mind reader? If not, you don’t really know what your target consumer is thinking – or what they want and expect, which may have changed since the last time your business was polled as one of the top 30 in your sector. Consumers are a fickle bunch and can be influenced by something as random as a negative tweet about your business; if you’re not aware of it, you’re in trouble. When you start to think for your consumers, instead of actually doing the market research – whether it’s through research groups, social media polls, old fashioned surveys, and keeping track of analytics – you’re also in trouble. Hands-on, on-the-ground research can reveal information you can use toward your next unique product/service value proposition. Do you also assume that online marketing is too expensive? Think again: there are options out there, such as free business listings or lower cost alternatives to daily deal sites, you may not have considered.

3. Try Something New: No Risk, No Gain

“We don’t do that.” “We’ve never done that before.” “Our customers don’t expect this.” Think of the current marketplace – bricks and mortar as well as digital – as one big opportunity to strengthen your current customer base, and widen it. Never tried an online promotion before? Why not do it, and see what the response is? It may surprise you. Ever considered a loyalty card program? Something like that not only rewards your long time customers, it’s an incentive for newer customers. Today’s consumer has a short memory, with a consistent “What have you done for me lately?” attitude that needs to be constantly fed with a stream of entertainment, information, or both. Your branding may be consistent, but you can take calculated, innovative risks with the medium and messaging. By changing with the times, your brand can stay as fresh as the day you established it and keep pace with the consumers of today. Give your existing clients an opportunity to see your brand in a new light, and give potential clients every reason to discover you and what you can offer them.

Not sure where to start? Think about listing yourself in an online business directory, or posting your offers and ads online through a digital marketing and branding platform – right now, Global Coupon is waiving the member/platform usage fee for the first 1,000 businesses/agencies to sign up, for a limited promotional period. What steps have you taken to keep your brand fresh?

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