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Smart Marketing: The Gamification of Online Advertising

“Gamification” means what it sounds like it means: making real-world, non-game processes and situations, work and feel more like you’re playing a game.

If this seems engaging and fun so far, you’re right. All of us grew up playing games, and wanting to play them even if we weren’t; playing games is part of our most basic behavioural tendencies. Everyone likes to win – and (just barely) losing makes most of us want to go for the win even more. Gamification works because we all like:

1. Challenges: Cumulatively accomplishing smaller wins toward a larger goal.

2. Achievements: The addictive thrill of bragging rights.

2. Audience: Acknowledgment, competing and winning in a wider social environment, such as an online community, platform or network, just feels better than winning all by yourself.

That’s great if you’re a consumer, but how can gamification work for you and your business – from an online marketing or advertising perspective?

Planning and executing an advertising campaign isn’t always fun. The campaign itself may be fun for your target market, but on your end, it’s all work – and ROI reward is usually only periodically measurable, or only when the final numbers are in. If the “carrot and stick” method isn’t always effective with consumers, it won’t always be effective for you, either; and if gamification will engage your consumer, you can bet it will also work on you.

Enter the gaming world of Real Time Advertising/Real Time Bidding (RTA/RTB). Not exactly an MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), it can certainly feel like one when you’re bidding on advertising spots against other businesses from around the world, with real time notifications and bid updates, and bidding at times fast and furious for choice online real estate.

Get a fresh perspective on your advertising opportunities. Go for more interactive, “gamified” display ads that create stronger engagement with consumers and other businesses, and increase click through. Gamified ads will also be more likeable and shareable.

Get more consumer-focused data. Stronger consumer/business engagement and higher frequency of interaction within shorter time frames with your ad campaign, can provide information through metrics you may not have thought of before – including real time motivational triggers, engagement levels and  response times. Increased engagement also means your target market may be accessing your ad on a variety of devices and platforms, increasing your brand presence and potentially brand loyalty, and providing multi-platform metrics as well.

This gamification of advertising can be fun and rewarding in itself, but it isn’t just about having fun, of course. Your business will see real results from all this renewed energy on your part to engage with your own advertising campaign, but you do have to be committed to your customer engagement strategy and ensure it’s aligned with your long term business goals.

Why consider online advertising? Online advertising is simply more cost-effective than most traditional advertising, and online is where your consumers – and potential consumers – are increasingly to be found.

Check out the Global Coupon Bid/Buy Advertising system on its digital marketing platform and join now as a business member to play – launching soon on a web browser near you. Let the game begin!

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