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Smart Marketing: Why Choose A Single Tier Affiliate Program?

Global Coupon affiliate marketing program single tier money maker

…because it’s more fun being single. Jokes aside, here some things to consider if your hand is still hovering over the “Sign Me Up Now” button for the single tier Global Coupon Affiliate Program.

How does it work? Once you sign up as an affiliate with the Global Coupon Affiliate Program, it rewards you every time you refer someone else to sign up as a Business Member of the Global Coupon digital marketing and advertising platform. The program keeps track of your referrals through the sign-up link you provide to those you refer, and pays out commission monthly based on how much your new and existing sign ups spend on the platform as business members, each month.

It’s easy to understand: You want to make more money, and you’d love to be able to introduce your friends, family and business associates to this additional income stream, without having to explain too many complicated details. That’s the beauty of affiliate programs – you earn income through your network by making referrals, and with the single tier Global Coupon Affiliate Program, everyone who signs up through your referral and decides to become an affiliate as well, earns the same level of commissions as you do. You “get it,” and anyone you refer that becomes an affiliate, will also “get it” just as easily. Simple. Period. What’s the affiliate commission structure?

It’s easy to use: You want an affiliate management system that pretty much does all the work for you, so that your program doesn’t end up taking so much of your free time that it becomes like a second full time job. Popular, successful affiliate programs have an efficient management system that automates most tasks, such as commissions and payout calculations, and that has plenty of marketing resources to help you send out successful referrals – such as email templates, sample display ads, and plenty of tips to help you get started. The Global Coupon Affiliate Program is powered by leading affiliate tracking and management software, Post Affiliate Pro, so you can trust that your program and network are in good (software) hands. What kind of affiliate support is available?

It’s easy to earn: What is the Global Coupon platform you’re referring people to sign up for? It’s a platform where businesses list, market and advertise their business/brands to consumers and businesses, create ad campaigns, post incentives, and ads (see our blog post about online bid/buy advertising) to a local to global target market, B2C or B2B, for an affordable monthly fee compared to existing online and traditional forms of TV, radio and print advertising. Read about Global Coupon Business Member benefits and options. Sign up as a Global Coupon Affiliate, and start referring people – and earning income – today. Who would you refer?

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