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Social Entrepreneurship: Charity and Empowerment

We had some very deliberate ideas when we set out to design our affiliate program. One of the experiences that informed the process was when I visited my family’s small home village in India, where I saw some tendencies in the younger generation that I’m sure are common across a lot of developing or under-developed areas. There’s ambition, and a yearning for something better, but it’s paired with frustration, aimlessness and a kind of acceptance that, unless they ‘get out’, there’s no hope for success or a better life situation. Of course, getting out means that whatever success they might achieve is removed from the very areas that could benefit the most.

There are a myriad of aid programs at work in these regions. In certain venues, however, charity is the less desirable option. In developing nations, in disadvantaged environments, pouring money in is a stop-gap designed to treat symptoms of systematic problems, rather than getting at the root of the problems themselves.

But there’s a lot of human potential in these underserved areas, and that’s what we had in our minds as we built the program. We wanted to give motivated individuals the chance to take the power into their own hands – to build success right where they live. So long as they have the drive, we wanted to provide the opportunity. That’s why our affiliate program is so flexible, and why we’re spending considerable time and effort to ensure that they will have the support they need.

Global Coupon wants to change the way the world does business, true. But we want to do it at all levels, and to fill in the gaps traditional models have left behind. We aim to do so by filling those gaps with opportunity, and we can’t wait to see what empowered individuals will make of it.

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