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Smart Marketing: Eight Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Reach

  You have great content, or a fantastic product, service or brand offer you can’t wait to share, to as many people as possible. Who wants to know? Creating and simply publishing your social media content or offer is onlyContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Digital Street Marketing

What is street marketing? If you’ve ever been approached by a friendly person waving a flyer and taken it because it was handed to you with a smile, or stopped to stare at someone dressed up as a pizza, sayContinue Reading

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Join the Global Coupon Revolution

I have a lot of faith in consumers – faith that the majority of consumers, out of need or desire, will always feel compelled to shop; faith that they will pay to stay in style; and yes, faith that theyContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Online Marketing for Non-profits

Online marketing, including social media marketing, can be profitable – as discussed in our last Smart Marketing post. But what about online marketing for not-for-profit organizations? A 2012 study shows significant growth particularly in social media use by non profits, especially in FacebookContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Converting Likes and Shares

So, your business has a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Which is great: you’ve confirmed how you want to deliver your social media marketing efforts. But you still have to create marketing messaging that works for bothContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Profit from CSR

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how do you market and profit from it? Last weeks’ Smart Marketing blog post talked about how you can stretch your online marketing dollar to maximize ROI. This week’s post is about how youContinue Reading

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Global Coupon Takes in Grow Conference 2012

Now we won’t get into a full recap as there are many better ones out there such as this one found at www.techvibes.com: http://www.techvibes.com/blog/grow-2012-liveblog-2012-08-23.

However, the Global Coupon team had a great time taking in the speakers, networking with VCs, developers and entrepreneurs and quite frankly, enjoying the overall scene. Debbie and the Dealmaker team did an incredible job of bringing some of the brightest minds across North America to the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Our founder and president, Jason Hari, was also invited to participate in a private round table discussion and VIP speaker dinner the night before the main event. Jason also got to meet Adam Chapnick from IndieGogo (They were both on the GetConnected Radio show a few weeks prior to Grow). At the end of the day, it’s about getting the Global Coupon word out there. We know Jason is doing things differently… So the more that see it and embrace the vision with one of those ‘A ha’ moments the closer we get to our goal of driving change, empowering people and making a difference.

With ad:tech London just around the corner, stay tuned for more news and updates from our team. Continue reading

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The 2012 Games: Integration & Opportunity

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard that there’s a rather large sporting competition going on in London right now. The XXX Summer Olympiad is being held for the third time in that city, and a lot has changed since the first two.

These particular Games will stand out in history for many reasons, and two of the major ones are closely tied to our own corporate beliefs. These two particular identifying factors of the 2012 Summer Olympics are standouts for us, for a few very specific reasons:

The Social Media Games

While the argument can (and has been made) that the first social games were really the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, it is in these games that we’re seeing it become particularly mainstream, with whole segments on the official broadcast channels being given over to the conversations surrounding the athletes and events. The growing integration of ‘real life’ with digital communication is undeniable, and it’s a world we at Global Coupon are pleased to inhabit. The use of technology in the minutiae day-to-day life is a large part of what our consumer offering is built to enable. The focus during these games on the athletes and fans who are using social media to connect, communicate and even participate shows that a digitally integrated lifestyle is becoming by far the norm. Continue reading

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Global Coupon Launches on IndieGogo

At Global Coupon, we believe in creating a new community for consumers, businesses and affiliates. We want to get people involved in everything we do. As such, to assist in our pursuit to engage all stakeholders in our mission, we launched a campaign on IndieGogo Continue reading

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