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Smart Marketing: Your Mobile Marketing Options

Where’s your mobile phone right now? Chances are it’s either in your hand, and you’re reading this on it – or it’s very close at hand. Your business needs a mobile marketing strategy, just like you now would find itContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Keeping Your Online Brand Fresh

A fresh brand is tasty: if your brand is relevant to your market segment and stays top of mind with your target customer, people will want a piece of it. And that means, conversion and ROI on your digital marketing andContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Have You Got A Pain In Your Business?

If you do, you’re definitely not alone. What annoys you the most – or hits you (in the wallet) where it really hurts, about online marketing? These pain points are on many “Top Three” lists: 1. Social media is timeContinue Reading

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Glocalization and Global Coupon

It’s not trendy anymore, but it doesn’t have to be: glocalization has moved beyond being the hot marketing flavour of the month, into accepted practice for any business thinking about expanding market share beyond its national borders. In this digitalContinue Reading

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Daily Deals are Dying

I don’t think we’ve made any secret of our feelings about daily deal sites. To recap, we honestly believe that Groupon and its ilk are some of the most predatory and exploitive “business solutions” to come to market in recent memory.

Well, it’s also no secret that we’re far from the only ones to think this way, and Slate published a great article last week that rejoiced in the category-leading company’s plummeting stock, citing declining revenue and even internal abandonment of focus on the coupon model that made it famous.

Now, after a spectacular debut on the Nasdaq, Groupon is a public company. On Monday, it reported its second-quarter earnings results. The numbers were dismal. They paint an unmistakable picture of the future of Groupon and other similar sites: The daily deals industry is drying up. Groupon reported that its customer growth slowed substantially over the second quarter; the amount of money that each customer spends on the site tanked; and the company’s “guidance” for the current quarter suggests that things are going to get a lot worse. The spin from Groupon’s executives was not very encouraging. In a conference call with analysts, the firm’s CEO Andrew Mason kept talking up Groupon Goods, a service in which Groupon sells discounted merchandise to customers—in other words, something completely different from the coupons that earned the firm its IPO.
Continue reading

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5 Ways We’d Like to Change Your Life

At Global Coupon, we don’t believe in mincing words, or in couching our vision in cautious terms. We want to change the way the world does business. We want to make our business and consumer subscribers’ lives better. We want,Continue Reading

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Will Daily Deals Kill Your Business?

Last week, I wrote about the questionable benefits of daily deals for consumers, and questioned whether the deals for goods and services outside a person’s normal purchasing behaviour were really worthwhile in the long run. But how does that playContinue Reading

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Is it really a deal if you didn’t need or want it in the first place?

One of our major challenges as we enter the marketplace with Global Coupon is the other connotations that the word ‘coupon’ elicits, both historically and in the modern sense, where aggregators organize the deluge of daily deal offerings.

First, from the consumer’s perspective: Previously on this blog, we’ve mentioned the fact that we see the next generation of coupons as brand offers; targeted brand presences incorporating value and savings on mainstream products, services and professional services. Not necessarily as a piece of paper clipped from a flyer, or an email offering 75% off for that day’s deal. Where these examples come into conflict with our viewpoint is on the subject of value, and the one dimensional deal format aimed at despondent, often indifferent, and inundated untargeted consumers – how much value is there in products or services offered up for extreme discounts if you never would have paid for it in the first place? Surely price isn’t the only reason you’ve never gone parasailing, or purchased a raincoat for your dog, or had monthly deep conditioning done on your hair, or a paintball lesson, or the hundredth spa treatment that month. You probably didn’t need or want those things before the email arrived in your inbox, but since it was such a great deal… Continue reading

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