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Think Like A Successful B2B Marketer

I’m a huge advocate of big picture, out-of-the-box thinking – you need to be able to envision the forest and the sky beyond it, as well as the trees, to help you grow your business from where it is, toContinue Reading

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The Power of Emotional Branding

As we’ve built the Global Coupon platform, our focus has always been on brands rather than the specific products, services or professional services they offer. We wanted to provide a venue for these brands to offer their full offer, their full messaging, to their customers.

Emotional branding has become the status quo over the past decade or so, as we’ve moved past the focus on tangible features and benefits to more holistic, intangible offerings of lifestyle promises. This is true whether you’re appealing to the values your consumer holds (ie. eco-consciousness, family-valued, artisan etc.), or the lifestyle they can only aspire to (ie. jet-setting or adventurous). Either way, you’re offering your brand as much as whatever finite thing you sell. Continue reading

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