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Smart Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Plenty of experts and pundits (as outlined in this post from Forbes) are weighing in on marketing trends for 2014. What are a few things we think will make sense for SME, and how can Global Coupon help you achieve thoseContinue Reading

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Global Coupon at the Vancouver Social Media Awards

  Why would a digital marketing platform be a sponsor for Vancouver’s first Social Media Awards—presented by the folks at Vancity Buzz? Yes, it’s a good fit. Vancity Buzz featured Global Coupon founder/president Jason Hari (yours truly) in their Vancity Entrepreneurs section and picked Global CouponContinue Reading

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Inbound Marketing Tips for Online Business Wins

You need to leverage inbound marketing online, if you expect to achieve results. Effective online inbound marketing has a deceptively simple formula: Targeted Promotion + Relevant Content = Long Term Results How does this apply specifically to online marketing? 1. IdentifyContinue Reading

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Global Coupon Takes in Grow Conference 2012

Now we won’t get into a full recap as there are many better ones out there such as this one found at www.techvibes.com: http://www.techvibes.com/blog/grow-2012-liveblog-2012-08-23.

However, the Global Coupon team had a great time taking in the speakers, networking with VCs, developers and entrepreneurs and quite frankly, enjoying the overall scene. Debbie and the Dealmaker team did an incredible job of bringing some of the brightest minds across North America to the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Our founder and president, Jason Hari, was also invited to participate in a private round table discussion and VIP speaker dinner the night before the main event. Jason also got to meet Adam Chapnick from IndieGogo (They were both on the GetConnected Radio show a few weeks prior to Grow). At the end of the day, it’s about getting the Global Coupon word out there. We know Jason is doing things differently… So the more that see it and embrace the vision with one of those ‘A ha’ moments the closer we get to our goal of driving change, empowering people and making a difference.

With ad:tech London just around the corner, stay tuned for more news and updates from our team. Continue reading

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The Social Media Advertising Question

A while back, we discussed marketing and social media, and some of the pitfalls and opportunities that exist within the new media landscape.

We were sent another article that touched on this issue of whether or not a social media marketing spend is ideal for certain types of businesses – the article singles out financial services brands as being particularly vulnerable to the drawbacks of SM, with limited payoff.

“It may well make sense for a business not to market into such uncontrolled space rather than simply leaping aboard the new bandwagon.

This doesn’t mean that social media, the Facebooks and Twitters of the new digital world, are not useful to companies and their marketers. Regular monitoring of them to see what is being said about products and brands is essential. There’s nothing quite like having a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist in real time which is what such monitoring allows.

Similarly, the use of either as an information feed seems very sensible indeed. Websites do go down, services do go offline, planes are late, products run out. These are all things that can be usefully announced in either or both places. Continue reading

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Global Coupon Launches Campaign with IndieGogo to Expand Reach of Global Digital Marketing Platform

GlobalCoupon.com seeks funds to drive awareness for global social entrepreneurship in the digital age within its first year.

VANCOUVER, CANADA – August 14, 2012 – Global Coupon Inc., today announced the company has launched an IndieGogo.com campaign to fund the accelerated worldwide release of its much anticipated Globalcoupon.com web-based platform, a revolutionary digital brand offers and brand advertising platform that brings together consumers, businesses, individual entrepreneurs, community groups and charitable organizations into a single purpose-built online community. The campaign aims to raise a minimum $1,000,000 to expand the awareness and education of the new business model on a global scale within its first year, above and beyond its planned industry launch at ad:tech London in September, 2012.

As the largest, social and entrepreneurial global crowdfunding site, Global Coupon selected IndieGoGo for one of its initial funding campaigns as it offers a collaborative community of individuals who support meaningful change and authentic values around the world. Based on principals of social entrepreneurship, community building and individual empowerment, GlobalCoupon.com is designed to solve the real challenges facing consumers and businesses of all sizes – local to global – inclusive of those living in populous emerging markets and developing nations. Continue reading

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The 2012 Games: Integration & Opportunity

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard that there’s a rather large sporting competition going on in London right now. The XXX Summer Olympiad is being held for the third time in that city, and a lot has changed since the first two.

These particular Games will stand out in history for many reasons, and two of the major ones are closely tied to our own corporate beliefs. These two particular identifying factors of the 2012 Summer Olympics are standouts for us, for a few very specific reasons:

The Social Media Games

While the argument can (and has been made) that the first social games were really the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, it is in these games that we’re seeing it become particularly mainstream, with whole segments on the official broadcast channels being given over to the conversations surrounding the athletes and events. The growing integration of ‘real life’ with digital communication is undeniable, and it’s a world we at Global Coupon are pleased to inhabit. The use of technology in the minutiae day-to-day life is a large part of what our consumer offering is built to enable. The focus during these games on the athletes and fans who are using social media to connect, communicate and even participate shows that a digitally integrated lifestyle is becoming by far the norm. Continue reading

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Global Coupon & Crowdfunding

If you’re the kind of person that keeps a casual ear to the ground regarding internet trends and emerging game-changers, it’s pretty likely that you’ve got at least a passing familiarity with crowdfunding.

Here’s a definition of this uniquely modern fundraising model:

“Crowd funding or crowdfunding (alternately crowd financing, equity crowdfunding or hyper funding) describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their resources, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Crowd funding is used in support of a wide variety of activities, including disaster relief, citizen journalism, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, startup company funding, movie or free software development, and scientific research.” (from Wikipedia)

Sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter have made headlines recently due to projects blasting past their fundraising targets, suggesting that consumers are more than willing to put their money where their mouths are if it means getting the content or products they want to see to market.

We recently started our own campaign on IndieGoGo, but we’re approaching it in a rather reversed way. Rather than having our priorities set on reaching a certain funding goal, we want to focus on inviting consumers to get involved on the ground level. Seeing as our whole mindset during the creation of Global Coupon has been to provide consumers with what they want and need, when they want and need it, it feels like a no-brainer to invite this kind of engagement ahead of launch. Continue reading

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On Limitations and Possibilities

There are a lot of different ways to go about building a global business. You can start with what you know, and build from there. Or, you can recognize a need, and then define how to meet it. Global Coupon was born from the latter scenario, and thus it presented me with the challenge of working in an unfamiliar industry to realize the vision.

The vision: To bring a platform to market that would be beneficial across the board, with the recognition that what was good for business was good for consumers, so long as everyone involved had an eye to sustainable success and growth. I knew, from a user side (both business and personal) where the gaps were in the existing models. So I certainly wasn’t going to let the fact that I wasn’t a programmer stop me from filling a need that I saw so clearly.

The great thing about being based in a city like Vancouver is the vibrant start-up and development scene. There are great technology minds working here, and the culture is incredibly supportive of new ideas and disruptive propositions. When I first sat down with the programmers who are currently building the technical side of Global Coupon, it really didn’t matter that I couldn’t code. It was a matter of assembling a smart, dedicated and talented team committed to the same principles of what we’re creating. A good team doesn’t depend on every single person being able to do everything – this is not how great, game-changing products come to be. Those come from a group of people, all doing what they do very well, all in alignment with the end goal.

Limitations are, for the most part, only obstacles of varying height – not the roadblocks we so often see them as. One of the main goals of Global Coupon is to remove a great many of those limitations for businesses and individuals around the world. It’s how we’ve started, and we intend to keep on in just that way. Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneurship: Charity and Empowerment

We had some very deliberate ideas when we set out to design our affiliate program. One of the experiences that informed the process was when I visited my family’s small home village in India, where I saw some tendencies in the younger generation that I’m sure are common across a lot of developing or under-developed areas. There’s ambition, and a yearning for something better, but it’s paired with frustration, aimlessness and a kind of acceptance that, unless they ‘get out’, there’s no hope for success or a better life situation. Of course, getting out means that whatever success they might achieve is removed from the very area that could benefit the most.

There are a myriad of aid programs at work in these regions. In certain venues, however, charity is the less desirable option. In developing nations, in disadvantaged environments, pouring money in is a stop-gap designed to treat symptoms of systematic problems, rather than getting at the root of the problems themselves. Continue reading

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