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Smart Marketing: Eight Ways To Optimize Your Social Media Reach

  You have great content, or a fantastic product, service or brand offer you can’t wait to share, to as many people as possible. Who wants to know? Creating and simply publishing your social media content or offer is onlyContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Promote Your Affiliate Program through Social Media

How do you grow and promote an affiliate program? Aren’t they supposed to just “grow themselves” – like the proverbial bunny? Yes, and no. There are many aspiring and seasoned affiliate marketers out there all competing for the same thing:Continue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Building Customer Engagement

Do you need customer engagement? An engaged customer is more likely to be loyal to your brand over a longer period of time, and to spend more money on average, than an un-engaged customer. So if you really expect yourContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Turning Corporate Blogging into Effective Marketing

What did you remember about the last blog you read? Have you tried maintaining corporate blogging for your company – but simply haven’t made the time? Blogging can be an effective online marketing tool, and is one of the topContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Profit from CSR

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how do you market and profit from it? Last weeks’ Smart Marketing blog post talked about how you can stretch your online marketing dollar to maximize ROI. This week’s post is about how youContinue Reading

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Smart Marketing: Keep it Simple

You’ve heard it before: keep it simple. Less is more. Cut through the clutter. What does that actually mean, when it comes to marketing your brand, product or service online? At Global Coupon, we help you keep it simple while achievingContinue Reading

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Does a Free World Wide Web Come With a Price?

We came across an article today that we found pretty fascinating. Published on the Wall Street Journal’s online portal, it addresses the current Facebook IPO situation in the broader discussion of tech CEOs more concerned with changing the world than making money.

“Facebook’s founders, like Google’s, once expressed their disdain for profit-motivated sharing. Mark Zuckerberg told the Harvard Crimson in 2004 that he did not create the website with the intention of generating revenue. In the same way, Sergey Brin and Larry Page initially resisted supporting their search engine with advertising: “The issue of advertising causes enough mixed incentives that it is crucial to have a competitive search engine that is transparent and in the academic realm,” they wrote in 1998.”

The article goes on, however, to explore how the various ways in which the sites have secured funding and monetized their offerings do the opposite of restricting sharing – they enable it on a larger scale. Continue reading

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Digital Marketing in a Social World: Are you welcome here?

The big news in digital marketing right now is General Motors’ decision to stop their Facebook advertising efforts, citing the reason that they found the ads had no effect on car sales. That’s basically the most straightforward reason imaginable, and there’s not much need for interpretation. For GM, Facebook ads don’t work. While they might be one of the biggest, they’re not the first to realize their digital marketing dollars were being misspent – and they won’t be the last.

The response from digital marketers has by and large been that perhaps GM just didn’t ‘get’ social media marketing, or perhaps they just expecting too much or were measuring the wrong results. Perhaps they should have been more focused on how the ads were contributing to their overall social efforts, their community building and engagement. But the fact remains: their ads on FB had no effect on car sales, which is what they, as a business, need their ads to do.

In discussions about social media marketing versus traditional marketing, experts dismiss traditional methods as being ‘interuptive’ – they interrupt the focus of the consumer. The contention then is that social media marketing is a ‘pull’ method – consumers get information when they are open to it, when they want it. This, of course, ignores the reality that most users on a social platform have no desire to see what XYZ brand is doing on their own page, unless they’re already a devotee. There are certainly exceptions to the rule; social campaigns that go viral are the holy grail for marketers, but they’re pretty much that rare. Continue reading

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Beyond Likes and Retweets

On average, we are exposed to 600,000 units of information per day; more than five times the amount that we took in only 25 years ago. The average Facebook user visits 662 pages within the site every month! The old rule of thumb used to be that a person had to be exposed to a brand message nine times before they internalized it; in this new information age, the numbers and messaging get muddy. If it’s information overload, we need new ways for meaningful brand intent to get through to targeted audiences.

Online and social media marketing are ubiquitous in our lives. Budget dollars earmarked for online marketing are no longer optional. But it is the allocation that gets tricky – the industry itself is new enough that marketers go for the seemingly safe bets, the big players, in an effort to mitigate risk. But beyond the initial gratification of a ‘like’ or ‘retweet’, how do those dollars convert into actual sales revenue or translate into long-term return on investment? How can limited, temporary exposure on a social media platform provide long term brand presence and impact? Beyond ‘likes’ and ‘follows’, how do brands achieve resonance, loyalty, and sales growth long term? Beyond that, how negatively are businesses perceived by users, when they try to use the ‘social’ platform to drive sales?

Let’s take a quick look at the platforms that everyone ‘knows’ they should be present in, and what the numbers really start to look like: Continue reading

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