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Global Coupon at the Vancouver Social Media Awards

  Why would a digital marketing platform be a sponsor for Vancouver’s first Social Media Awards—presented by the folks at Vancity Buzz? Yes, it’s a good fit. Vancity Buzz featured Global Coupon founder/president Jason Hari (yours truly) in their Vancity Entrepreneurs section and picked Global CouponContinue Reading

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On Limitations and Possibilities

There are a lot of different ways to go about building a global business. You can start with what you know, and build from there. Or, you can recognize a need, and then define how to meet it. Global Coupon was born from the latter scenario, and thus it presented me with the challenge of working in an unfamiliar industry to realize the vision.

The vision: To bring a platform to market that would be beneficial across the board, with the recognition that what was good for business was good for consumers, so long as everyone involved had an eye to sustainable success and growth. I knew, from a user side (both business and personal) where the gaps were in the existing models. So I certainly wasn’t going to let the fact that I wasn’t a programmer stop me from filling a need that I saw so clearly.

The great thing about being based in a city like Vancouver is the vibrant start-up and development scene. There are great technology minds working here, and the culture is incredibly supportive of new ideas and disruptive propositions. When I first sat down with the programmers who are currently building the technical side of Global Coupon, it really didn’t matter that I couldn’t code. It was a matter of assembling a smart, dedicated and talented team committed to the same principles of what we’re creating. A good team doesn’t depend on every single person being able to do everything – this is not how great, game-changing products come to be. Those come from a group of people, all doing what they do very well, all in alignment with the end goal.

Limitations are, for the most part, only obstacles of varying height – not the roadblocks we so often see them as. One of the main goals of Global Coupon is to remove a great many of those limitations for businesses and individuals around the world. It’s how we’ve started, and we intend to keep on in just that way. Continue reading

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Global Coupon Announces BC Children’s Hospital Foundation as Its First Charity of Choice

GlobalCoupon.com Continues to Pioneer Worldwide Socially Responsible Business Model

Global Coupon Inc., today announced the company has selected British Columbia Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF) as its first Charity of Choice for its GlobalCoupon.com platform. In line with its global launch sequence, GlobalCoupon.com will provide BCCHF a percentage of every transaction generated through its platform in addition to offering the organization additional fundraising opportunities within its business membership.

As part of its mission, a percentage of every transaction fee generated from the site will be donated by GlobalCoupon.com to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation in Vancouver, Canada. Businesses that register with the platform will also have the option to allocate a portion of their annual business spend on the GlobalCoupon.com platform to many other diverse charitable organizations of choice as well. Once selected, businesses do not contribute donations from their own revenue or sales. But rather, GlobalCoupon.com steps up to the plate and donates the amount from a portion of the fees it would normally collect from the business. This way, if businesses select BC Children’s Hospital as their Charity of Choice, Global Coupon will pay twice – first its own corporate donation, and second, the donation appointed on behalf of businesses.

“We’re excited to work with our innovative friends at Global Coupon,” said Teri Nicholas, president and CEO of BCCHF. “The fact that Global Coupon will enable us to broaden our connections with community-minded individuals and businesses is important to us, as it would be to any charity.” Continue reading

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Global Coupon Hits Next Milestone for Disruptive Online Digital Brand Marketing Platform

Founder Jason Hari Sets the Countdown for Worldwide Launch

VANCOUVER, CANADA – June 21, 2012 – Global Coupon Inc., today announced the company has reached its next milestone for the much anticipated launch of GlobalCoupon.com, its global online brand marketing and advertising platform developed to better reach, influence and monetize local, national and international consumers and business customers on a global scale.

In line with its roadmap to launch during the third quarter of 2012, Global Coupon has released its Charity of Choice program for registered charities and non-profit groups to participate in its platform. Designed to be the first global digital marketing platform to integrate a socially responsible mandate with its online brand offers and brand advertising model, GlobalCoupon.com aims to change the way the world does business. Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneurialism in the Global Marketplace

There’s no question the digital world has fundamentally shifted how people, businesses and nations do business. Whether we like it or not, we are now all interconnected to each other in some way, shape or form.

It seems like only yesterday that the dot com craze inspired people on the possibilities of online marketing and business in a globalized world before fizzling away during its crash. Although the business fundamentals weren’t present in those models, they certainly started to shift the world into the digital age we know today. Continue reading

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Who, What, Where, When and Why is Global Coupon?

I’d like to propose a question, and I hope you’ll stick with me as I attempt to answer it for you. When is a coupon not a coupon?

When we reach the limitations our minds automatically place on our understanding of what a coupon is, we must go beyond the word to create a new understanding. I suppose that’s when it’s no longer a coupon as we know it.

As we best know them, coupons have been around in some shape or form since the 1880’s. They are something we all have at least a passing familiarity with, and we know that the word ‘coupon’ generally equates, somehow, with savings. That far at least, we’re on track.

Global Coupon, however, isn’t built along the same lines as your standard grocery circular or aggregator website. What we’re doing is taking that concept, of savings and of value, and infusing an entire business generation system with those basic and too-often overlooked principles. While the coupon itself is not particularly revolutionary, when the power of its association with branding and value is leveraged on the grand scale, I believe the potential is extraordinary.

So if a coupon isn’t necessarily always a coupon…what is Global Coupon? Continue reading

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