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The Power of Emotional Branding

As we’ve built the Global Coupon platform, our focus has always been on brands rather than the specific products, services or professional services they offer. We wanted to provide a venue for these brands to offer their full offer, their full messaging, to their customers.

Emotional branding has become the status quo over the past decade or so, as we’ve moved past the focus on tangible features and benefits to more holistic, intangible offerings of lifestyle promises. This is true whether you’re appealing to the values your consumer holds (ie. eco-consciousness, family-valued, artisan etc.), or the lifestyle they can only aspire to (ie. jet-setting or adventurous). Either way, you’re offering your brand as much as whatever finite thing you sell.

“Customers define themselves through brands they use. The branded clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the drinks they consume, university they attended, favourite spots to hang out, and so on.” – Nyimpini Mabunda, Smirnoff Vodka Marketing Manager:
Emotional Branding In a Changing Marketplace (from

This is why Global Coupon offers brands the opportunity to create not just a product offer or service deal, but a dedicated brand page on the platform and the ability to promote that page. The following quote highlights why:

“Emotional branding means customers stay loyal for the long haul!” – (from

“Consumers today not only want to be romanced by the brands they choose to bring into their lives, they absolutely want to establish a multifaceted holistic relationship with that brand, and this means they expect the brand to play a positive, proactive role in their lives.” – (source)

We’ve mentioned many times on this blog that the customizability of the Global Coupon platform allows consumers to connect with brands that align with their personal values. Brand pages facilitate this by allowing their managers to establish an emotional resonance, giving constant positive emotional feedback to reinforce those shared values as a reason for customers to remain loyal.

Think this only matters B2C? Check out our post on the importance of B2B branding, and you’ll notice how similar the two really can be.

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