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Think Like A Successful B2B Marketer

I’m a huge advocate of big picture, out-of-the-box thinking – you need to be able to envision the forest and the sky beyond it, as well as the trees, to help you grow your business from where it is, to where you want it to go.

If you know how to market to consumers, you also have the basic knowledge and tools to market to other businesses – you just need to know how to apply the same principles to a different target audience.

What are your B2B marketing goals? Consider creating, or reinforcing, brand recall. Many people refer generally to facial tissue as “Kleenex,” even if what they’re holding in their hand isn’t actually the Kleenex brand. That’s the kind of brand recall you want to have.

Boost your brand recall – Create memorable brand messages and campaigns. Don’t rehash the same ones too often, even if they were successful – keep trying new messaging and tweaking your campaigns to ensure you continue to stand out and are top of mind. Always be conscious of branding, in every aspect of your business – from your business cards to your product packaging. Brand recall isn’t simply created from your potential clients seeing a single piece of marketing collateral or experiencing a single marketing campaign—it’s an ongoing process.

Be brand consistent - Make sure your brand and message is consistent across all your marketing and communications campaigns, including social media, website, brochures, whitepapers, and paid ads. Keep brand-associated taglines, images and logos consistent, even if you change other campaign or media-specific content. This reinforces brand recall.

Know your audience – Your B2B marketing audience are business pros who think just like you: they want something cost effective, high value, and low(er) risk. With this in mind, if you were the one viewing your brand offer or browsing your company LinkedIn page, would you be inclined to purchase your own product or service? If not, why not? When formulating your marketing plan and messaging, always speak directly to your audience’s needs and concerns. Did you run a successful B2C campaign? You can certainly look at repurposing it for B2B marketing, but with a B2B audience and the above in mind.

Personalize your push – Get your brand to stand out by keeping things professional, yet with a personal touch – with a marketing campaign that has a humorous approach, that appeals to the emotions as well as to business sense, or that brings a human element to your product or service.  It’s not an accident that many advertising campaigns feature people interacting with the product, service, and/or with each other. Go one step further by tailoring specific components of your campaign, to specific audience types – say, a small business audience in a younger, urban age group – and to the media they will be viewing your content on, like mobile devices.

Use interesting visuals - If your marketing campaign’s accompanying visuals are doing their job, people will remember the images, graphics and logo associated with your brand. Make sure your campaigns are eye-catching, memorable and interactive – whether it’s incorporating interactive banner ads, a simple game, or corporate videos/video ads to show – not just tell – people about your brand.

One way to check off the “cost effective, high value, and low(er) risk” categories and to test or launch your marketing messages, brand offers and campaigns for different target groups, is to expand your brand reach through integrating a digital marketing and advertising platform like Global Coupon into your marketing strategy.

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