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Towards An Effective Digital Marketplace Part 2

We’re back from IGNITION 2012: The Future of Digital. Turns out, Global Coupon is right on trend.

Here, we add to our previous post on the future of digital marketing – which includes increased use of Real Time Advertising (and Real Time Bidding), as well as customized, personalized content – functionality that business members of Global Coupon get to exploit to their marketing and branding advantage.

You’re welcome to view the IGNITION 2012 slide deck on what the current and future digital landscape looks like, but basically it’s this: digital rather than traditional print (but not TV) marketing and advertising, and mobile rather than conventional PC use.

Digging a little deeper:

Smartphone and tablet use is rising, but current usage is mostly among the rich and the old(er) – although mobile use in general is trending up, as we noted in another post on building your online brand.

Online use for everything, from watching live events to browsing for ceiling fans, is up across the board; China is a huge emerging Internet-using market, including smartphone (mostly on Android devices); people like their social networks, but not for direct ad referrals; and people like to purchase content, such as music and movies, online (mostly with Apple devices).

The lessons for digital marketers? Digital marketing and advertising is here to stay and can only increase in future. Mobile advertising and marketing is still a new frontier, and will increase as mobile use increases.

How do you capitalize on this – especially if you don’t have a large marketing budget, or want to target emerging markets around the world cost effectively?

You could go the Google and PPC route, which remains the most common – although as commented elsewhere, not necessarily any longer the most effective in terms of ROI.

Or you could go with a future-friendly, mobile-compatible, all-in-one marketing and branding platform like Global Coupon, a website which was built and designed to provide you with self-directed, scalable, cost effective digital marketing and analytics that is simply effective, period. Here’s how.

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  1. What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I liked this blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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