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Understanding Saving

I think that, in general, most people agree that saving money is a good thing. But I know that I personally fall into the trap of leaving small or ‘awkward’ savings on the table, and I bet I’m not alone. Not bothering with all those $0.25 off coupons or manufacturer’s rebates…sound familiar? What I never seem to remember at the time is what those little bits and pieces add up to. I never really give much thought to what I might be missing.

So how might this play out in reality? Say you are a modestly conscientious saver – you:

  • …save $0.10 on each cup of coffee because you bring your own mug (go you!)
  • …don’t run around to 10 different stores just for the savings, but you make sure to hunt down any that are available for the items on your list at your normal haunts
  • …get 10 fitness classes for the price of 8 because you buy in multiples

That’s a fairly reasonable list, with little to no extra effort involved in your daily life. We won’t touch big-ticket savings like comparison shopping on your vacation or new vehicle (which you’ll do because you’re smart) in this particular exercise. Now, let’s assume you drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day, you save no more than the average coupon user on your grocery shop (11.5%), and you work out five times a week.

Over the course of a single year, you save somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1475

Imagine you’re a little bit more ambitious with your coupons, and you save 20-30% off your weekly grocery bill. That puts you up around $1918 to $2438. That’s not including anything you might save in other areas. Doesn’t really seem like insignificant savings at that point, does it?

Global Coupon wants to help you pick up that money, and more. We’ll help you reach outside of the big-brand coupons you find elsewhere and source savings on the things that you want and need – on groceries, consumer products, B2B services, professional services and much, much more. Not just the big purchases, not just the little expenses, but those and everything in between. If the savings we discussed above look good, just imagine what they could be once you’re subscribed with us.

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